Rapid Re-Housing Success…..


It all started when…

“My name is Juli ..I am new to the area of Yucca Valley Area. I accepted a job and moved to the area. Well, the job didn't pan out and found myself homeless along with my 2 granddaughters (2 and 4) only because my son and his girlfriend are (sorry to say) heroin addicts. I would take my granddaughters to the library a lot. One day a gentlemen approached me and asked if we had a place to live I responded with "yes, in my car" anyway he told me about 211 and how they might be able to help! It was the best phone call I ever made! I was promptly directed to a gentlemen (Ken) who was understanding and cared about my needs. In return he had me hooked up with this wonderful lady (Pat hardy) through Rapid Re-Housing. She was very sensitive to my situation. Not to mention I believe she runs the homeless shelter. And seemed very thorough and tough and with great understanding why people were there. I can't thank her enough.....because I'm writing this as I'm sitting in my new place with my two granddaughters! Thank you Rapid Rehousing! Especially Pat for your patience with me